Marine debris and  litter is any man-made, solid material that enters waterways directly through littering or indirectly via rivers, streams and storm drains. Marine debris and litter can be simple items such as a discarded soda can, cigarette butt, or plastic bag that ends up in the ocean potentially harming marine life.

With so much trash and litter entering our ocean every year, the problem of preventing and reducing marine debris and litter is an urgent challenge that we must meet to preserve the health of our ocean.

Marine debris and litter can kill and injure marine wildlife through ingestion and entanglement, disperse invasive species, endanger human health, cause damage to shipping vessels, and hurt businesses and tourism by polluting our beaches and coastline. Plastic debris is especially threatening because of its ability to absorb and concentrate toxic pollutants.

With all the harm marine debris and litter can cause,good news is that we get to have the last say. We can sit back and do nothing or we can decide on sustainable environmental actions for the present and the future generation.

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