Internet Services in Tanzania

The growth of internet users has increased exponentially across the globe. Tanzania being no exception has seen an immense shift from conventional communication in the last four years. With an outgrowth in business, CATS-NET facilitates its customer with the most cost effective and continuous internet solutions and connectivity.

We believe in eliminating location barriers by being WiFi internet service providers for all Tanzanians, across the nation. We are also the fiber internet providers with rapidly growing network coverage in the nation. With advancement in technology and a competitive market, it becomes extremely important for businesses to have a strong internet network connection to carry out their work. Thus with fiber internet, data packets travel at the speed of light giving our clients a reliable network having symmetric speed. Within the city, fiber internet network has spread to City centre, Masaki, Pugu road and other areas and provides point to point, point to multipoint as well as basic internet connectivity.

Fiber internet network helps our client eliminate latency issue which they may face on cable internet. Thus helping them conduct their business without any disruption in downloading and uploading of huge files and provide better quality for the VoIP users. As fiber internet service providers, we also support our client in keeping their data and information secured and thus decreasing chances of cybercrime.